What does $3.39M get you in North Palo Alto? Arguably the most prestigious with best schools!

Updated: Nov 8

I took a lovely young couple with two children to view a charming bungalow in North Palo Alto this past weekend. The house they've chosen to tour is located in the Downtown North area where many wonderful community amenities are - from the beloved Johnson Park to the food scene on University Ave, and it's also within a walking distance to the Rinconada Community Center which encompasses the Rinconada Park, Junior Zoo & Museum, as well as the Palo Alto Children's Theatre, to name a few. The ability to walk and bike to these wonderful places are often times a lifesaver for local families with young children.

Watch the house tour on my channel here:

This is what you can buy in North Palo Alto for $3.39M! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at (650) 709-5588.

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