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A Secret Garden with a Gorgeous Pool and a Guest Apartment in San Carlos' Beverly Terrace!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Looking for a home in the hilly area of San Carlos that has a lot of flat land? Look no further! Join Maggie Ma, your expert realtor, on a tour of this stunning home in San Carlos that has so much to offer. Many homes in this area are built on multiple levels, but this one stands out with its ample flat land.

Falling in love? Call or text me at (650) 709-5588 to schedule an in-person visit!

My First Impression

The drive to the property was a bit challenging due to the narrow and hilly roads, but once I arrived and saw the garden, it was worth it. The gate opens to a stunning view and landscape that brings peace and calmness to the mind and soul. I could easily see myself living there.

Touring the Home

One thing to note about San Carlos is that it can be difficult to find flat land. This property offers a rare find with enough space for a large pool. Additionally, the downstairs apartment and separate office in the building under the garage are great bonuses. The home itself is beautiful and welcoming, with a sunny and airy feel in every room. There are also many outdoor areas that become an integral part of living on the property. Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee on the patio, taking a dip in the pool, walking up to the office for work, and grilling in the evening under the stars. This house offers a truly special lifestyle.

The Final Score

If this lifestyle and property fit within your budget (asking price is $3.2M) and you don't mind the winding road, this could be the perfect home for you.

Contact me at (650) 709-5588 to schedule an in-person private tour!!!

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