A Secret Garden with a Gorgeous Pool and a Guest Apartment in San Carlos' Beverly Terrace!

Many homes in the hilly area of San Carlos are built on multi-levels without much flat land. Not this one! Take a tour with your Expert Realtor Maggie Ma to view this gorgeous home in San Carlos that has so much to offer!

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My First Impression

It wasn't the easiest drive to get up there unless you are already used to driving on narrow and hilly road. But once I entered the garden, it felt like everything was so worth it! The gate opens up to this incredible view and landscape that ease and soothe the mind and soul! I can definitely get used to living up there!

Touring the Home

Like I commented in the video, there isn't always flat land in San Carlos. This is absolutely a rare find that offers enough of space for a large pool. It's also an added bonus to have the downstairs apartment AND the separate office in the building under the garage. The home itself is just incredibly beautiful and homey. It's sunny and airy in every room!

There are so many outdoor areas that they become an integral part of living in this property. Imagine having a cup of coffee on the patio. Taking a dive into the beautiful pool. Walking up to the office for work. Making something on the grill in the evening under the lights and the stars. I can already hear all the joy and laughter with friends and family! This is a house that comes with a lifestyle!

The Final Score

If this is the right lifestyle for you and your family, and it's within your budget at the asking price of $3.2M, and you don't mind driving on the winding road, then this could be the perfect home for you!

Call me at (650) 709-5588 to schedule an in-person private tour!!!

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